Charly's Vegan Tacos!

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Hi there, guys! Excited to share another review as its been so long, and I'm really working on making this "review" page a more regular thang. Let me know your comments and thoughts. All feedback is appreciated!

As you may (or may not) know, I just returned back from my LOVELY trip to Tulum, Mexico. It was amazing! If you're looking for a chilled out trip, but with plenty to do and see, plzzzz consider it. It's way better than the [in my opinion] "spring break" atmosphere like Cancun, and the food is obv better. Ever had Mayan food? This place will kick your taste buds into gear like never before. I can't believe it's taken me 26 friggen years to discover such an amazing place and such KICK BUTT food. Mayan food forever <3

So "Charly's Vegan Tacos" was a spot we hit up on our first day there, and knew it would be a place we'd HAVE TO visit again. I've seen this place on all those "Must go to in Tulum" articles, and did my fair share of research. It ticked every box! Ryan, Kim, and I are all veggies, and her boyfriend, Chris, eats meat- so I was a littttttle iffy on his reaction. But he loved it as much as all of us!!! *Winner winner*.. we found a place that is 1) vegan 2) entirely organic (!!!) and 3) we all loved! Ok.. Well, to be fair, we literally loved every place we went to & ate at, but no other place did vegan the way Charly did!

We all started with an appetizer- this jumbo platter of "Nachos Machos". Come on. Look at them in that top corner! Smothered in ALL homemade and plant based ingredients, and their signature cream. I died. They were the best darn plate of nachos ever. Seriously. Spicy and creamy, and loaded with hot jalapenos, beans & guac. And can we just talk about their HOMEMADE Chipotle "cheese"?! I WILL master that... errrr or maybe something similar. We literally went back the NEXT day, and got these nachos again (but this time for just Ryan & I, and I am proud/embarrassed to say they were devoured in half the time.

So after our app, we decided to all order "Charlys signature Tacos." To explain further: picture 3 little tortillas (or just see photo above!), one stuffed with ''pork-less" cracklings in a red chipotle sauce, one with sloooow roasted portobellos (MY FAV!), and the last was grilled seitan steak (seriously tasted like steak. Swear). Some were TOPPED with fresh/homemade sauerkraut, and I personally loaded up on additional toppings from their topping bar. Let me repeat again for the 100th time- ALL. HOMEMADE. I couldn't get over it. AND all cooked in their food truck. Can I just be them?!

We of course had to finish off our meals with a homemade RAW brownie, which was just the right amount of sweetness, and the perfect finishing bite to fill our tummys.
OH! And when we went back the next day, Ryan ordered their special of the day: the veggie "bacon" burger, and a side of fries. I got the Huarache (basically a flat corn thick tortillatopped with all the yummiest beans & avocado). Charly explained it to me as a "Mexican style Pizza". It was so good. I'm going to try to attempt it this weekend! Wish me luck ;)

Not only was the food delishhhh, but the service was 12 outta 10! Charly personally came around to bring us our food, take the finished plates, ask us how our food was, and recommend dishes for first timers. He was so friendly and so helpful, and I am so happy I was able to meet the creator of this fab business. It's always great when the owner (literally with your name in the title of the business), is so personable and welcoming to his guests- whether it's their first time or their millionth. His team was also super great- quick & accommodating for the million things we ordered & continuously bringing drink after drink after drink (coconut water of course :) ).

It's easy to say I will be having "Charly's Tacos" withdrawals while I'm home in NY, but I can't wait to go back to Tulum, and make my first stop Charlys! Thank you Charly & crew for having us, and cooking up some bomb food. :)

PS- check out this photo of Charly's food truck, tucked away in the jungle. Such a hip & chic atmosphere. UGH love.