'Yeah Dawg!!!' Vegan Hot Dogs!

Vegan, Plant Based, GLUTEN & Soy FREE hot dawgs.

Hi there! I know I've mentioned this in the past, but I've been working on ways to develop a 'reviews' page. That way, you can see some of my absolute favorite 'veggie friendly' places to eat, food to try, & items I like to cook with errrrrday.

So behold! The most perfect little vegan AND total plant based hot dog. This isn't one of those salt-packed-preservative doggies. The "Yeah Dawg!!!" hot dogs are totally homemade in New York, by the talented creator, Marina Benedetto. Check out Marina's story in their 'About' section. So inspiring!

If you have seen a similar 'Yeah Dawg' hot dog posted in my previous posts on instagram, you will truly understand how obsessed I am. A hot dog is one of those quick bites I crave from time to time, especially when I'm at a food fair, or the weather is just super beautiful (I meannnn I'll eat a hot dog in the rain/snow/sleet too but whatevs). I got one of these puppies from the Grub Street food Festival on Hester street, a few weeks back. 

Thank GOD for 'Yeah Dawg', creating these delicious little dawgs. NO preservatives or chemicals are involved, and they're also Gluten FREE! Top em with their homemade dill relish & kraut, and smother in spicy mustard. The way I liiike it- my personal fav pictured above it is called the 'New Yorker Dawg' (duuhhhh). 

BEST NEWS: you can have these anytime you want because they also sell them packaged at some local grocery stores! So you should totes hop over to their website, and check out where they sell em at a location near you! AND, follow them on Instagram for quick updates on where they'll be sellin' them hot next. ;)