Hello lovely ladies and gents!

My name is Sam, and I am a 27 year old Vegan foodie. Some of my favorite things include: eating chocolate, succulent gardens, picnics, piggies, going to Whole Foods (does that count as a hobby?), and of course... COOKING! I live in the coziest, tiny Manhattan apartment downtown on Mott street with my love & bestie Ryan, and I've been living in this craaazay city for 10 years already! It was only a few years now that I've learned food/cooking is my passion, and I find myself rushing home from work each night to whip up a new dish. As it may come as a chore to some people, I find cooking tends to unwind me from the hectic and exhausting day I've had. Ryan and I both follow a 100% plant based diet, so I LOVE experimenting dishes, to make our Vegan diet healthy & totally fulfilling! 
However, when starting this blog, my dietary preferences were a bit complicated-

  • So I used to be a Vegetarian
  • but sometimes I would eat fish (so Pescatarian?)
  • and I would rarely eat eggs & dairy (vegan-ish?)
  • plus, I try to always eat only Organic, healthy, and non-GMO (so..??).  

If you can relate to any of the 'labels' above, or you follow a plant based diet like me, you have probably been asked the following questions-  so what do you eat? Do you just eat pasta? Isn't everything you eat boring? WHERE DO YOU GET YOUR PROTEIN?! 

And those are the reasons I've decided to start this blog, to share the best and never boring recipes with YOU! The dishes you'll find on here are a compilation of my favorite foods, and meals I find to be quite easy to ANY home cook out there. Whether you are at a 'Master Chef' pro-cook level, or a total noob in the kitchen, I hope you'll be intrigued to whip up some tasty dishes- and never be discouraged to try these at home. [Even if you eat meat. :) ]

Thanks for reading and following- Enjoy, friends :)